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South Departement

Haiti's southern coast harbors the largest concentration of bays and capes in the entire country. This area is famous for its pristine white sand beaches and fresh catch of the day fish and seafood prepared both traditionally right on the beach or transformed into finer cuisine at local hotels and restaurants

Haiti's southern coast has tremendous beautiful sites that the visitors would love to explore such as:

What to See:

Site Availability
Petit Goave to buy some Douce Makos (sweets) Available
Plage Morisseau in Aquin Available
Plage Gelée in Les Cayes Available
Saut Mathurine in Camp Perrin Available
Plage de Port-Salut in Port-Salut Available
Ile à Vache (Cow Island) Available
Marie-Jeanne Caves (Port-à-piment) Available
Tuyac Waterfall Available
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